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Anonymous asked:

(omg tnx for making the ask button clearer. i love how your art is put on a lot of effort! your art is beautiful) now my question: when are the times that get you so angry? like ,so angry you wanna smash something or you wanna scream at the top of your lungs. that angry.


"sigh heavy"………. Well ….. do I need to say more? "glutches fist"

((OOC: Hey and Thankyu~ And I was going to fix my ask button But I just forgot it during all cosplay stress instead, sorry for that~ xD))


As a disclaimer, this is far from a comprehensive list of genders, sexualities, kinks, etc. This generator is to be used as a prompt starting block and I highly encourage exploration of terms and topics that do not appear on these lists. 

Hey everyone, my friend empty-crayon-box made a cool generator for you guys!  Like she said, sexuality’s an immense and individualistic thing so there’s no way for all options to be included in one generator, but this could be a good starting point if you’re having trouble coming up with diverse characters.  Remember, if you get something you’re not familiar with, make sure to do some research before you try writing it, and researching things beyond these lists is a good idea too <3

To play: click and drag each gif, or take a screenshot of the whole thing.


Quite a few people requested some form of trait/personality generator, and here’s the result!  I wanted to keep it vague enough that the options could work for any universe, be it modern, fantasy, scifi, or anything else, so these are really just the basics. Remember that a character is much more than a list of traits, and this should only be used as a starting point– I tried to include a variety of things, but further development is definitely a must.

Could pair well with the gender and sexuality generator.

To Play: Click and drag each gif, or if that isn’t working/you’re on mobile, just take a screenshot of the whole thing (multiple screenshots may be required if you want more than one trait from each category).

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